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Mosquito Screens

We provide various of types and materials insect screen, like mosquito screen, stainless steel insect screen and so on.

Here show mosquito screen new specifications:

Mesh size: 1.0 × 1.0mm.

Weight: 130gms/square meter.

Composition: fiberglass 33%, UV stabilizer 3%, PVC 64%.

Colors: white, black, Grey.

Sizes: 0.8m; 1.0m; 1.2m; 1.4m; 1.6m; (width) × 30m (length).

Other sizes and colors can be required according to your needs.


Features Specifications:

1.Easy-installed: The latest design patent in 2008, which is advanced in the field now. The products screen box can be installed optional without any tools. It overcomes the trouble that it is difficult to disassemble and clean, and keeps the screen windowbright and clean as new. Meanwhile, it is convenient for the screens replacement, then reduce the maintenances costs.

2.Anti-mosquito 100%: The screen-box is sealed with felt brush to prevent mosquito climbed into the screen-box to the rooms, reaching 100 percent anti-mosquito. Meanwhile, the cleaning brush has the automatic cleaning function.

3.Super wind-resistance: Mechanical hot-melt Edge and the design of encryption deduction windbreak, strengthening the performance wind-resistance, can resist the eight-strong wind.

4.Double-location: Using the double-locating of magnetic latch and plug, more convenient and safe.

5.Speed-reducer: The product equipped with speed-reducer, effective make it roll up slowly and softly, operate convenient and long service life.

6.Aluminum-plastic composite chute: Exclusive using the design of aluminum-plastic composite chute, not only improve the product quality, more also makes it ultra-smooth ultra-quiet.

Product Description


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